We Are Nu Age!


What are we about?

Essentially, we specialise in helping passionate business owners market their dream. We provide a Nu way of thinking when it comes to approaching marketing your business. In the past it has been enough to create a Facebook page and add a few photos every now and then in the hope that you’ll eventually grab someones attention. While that method might eventually land some lucky sales through time it isn’t the most effective and timely way of marketing your business.

With 1.49 billion people on average logging into facebook on a daily basis, it’s very easy for information to get lost or to be found by people for whom that information doesn’t interest at all. Through deep analysis of a business and identifying a target market and demographic, we are able to pin-point exactly the right people to market to online through all social media channels. By meticulously planning out what content to create and adapting a variety of methods depending on each client, we produce effective results fast.

According to Atomic Habits by James Clear, approximately 10 million sensory receptors in the human body are dedicated to sight and half the brain’s resources are used on vision. Visual cues are therefore the greatest reason as to why we react to something. This is especially true for social media marketing and content creation. On average people will only spend 15 seconds on your website or online channel so it is vitally important that it is visually pleasing and gives your target customer exactly what they want easily and quickly.

We take time to understand each business we work with in order to install a great passion into our work so we can plan out each photography or videography shoot, each ad campaign, each piece of graphic design work we produce in order for us to gain the most out of it and to target the widest, but most importantly, the right audience.

Our Vision

We understand the financial struggles and time constraints that are involved with starting up and running your own business. That’s why our vision is to help the smaller businesses make bigger impressions on their potential audience through the power of visual content and social media.

How are we different?

The general consensus is that if a business can’t afford to employ a marketing manager or some sort of marketing team then they will need to market their business themselves. This could include outsourcing for designing marketing materials like flyers or business cards or even leave it up to a total stranger who has never met you or your business to design all your materials or social media content.

Yes, the world is online and the means of contact over the internet is mad but at Nu Age Media we still believe in building that meaningful relationship with each of our clients face to face so that we can build some trust and reliability. Adding up all the total costs of designing/printing marketing materials, hiring a professional photographer to come in for a one-off shoot to get you a few shots of your venue or products and then paying a web designer to design a website and then disappears and isn’t around to update it for you when you need it, you’ve already paid too much.

At Nu Age Media we cut out the ridiculous costs of an in-house marketing manager who’s limited in their abilities when it comes to photography and the design side of content, and instead we allow our clients to pick what they want and design them a monthly package and detailed strategy to cover all aspects of growing their business online. By sitting down with our clients discussing ideas for the coming month we feel that we can become more involved with the business which will reflect on the work we produce.


The packages you see on our website are simply templates of what we can offer. It is completely up to you to design the package you would like to have to push your business forward. This will all be discussed in our first meeting together and our team will take into account what you have asked for and will design you a personalised package that will work for you each month. At the end of the monthly period we will sit down again, discuss what has worked well, what might still need worked on and from this we will set out a plan of action for the following month.

Start Your Journey

We are living in a technology dependant world and Nu Age Media are here to capitalise on this for your business. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you in supporting your business and how we can work together to make it a success.