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Regale Restaurant & Bar

- Branding/Marketing/Photography/Videography -

Back at the beginning of May 2018 we were approached by a head chef and front of house manager who had just opened their own restaurant together. It was all a very new prospect for them and being their first business venture they didn’t have the funds to employ a marketing team and full-time marketing manager. This is when they approached us as an alternative. We could offer everything a marketing manager would bring to the business as well as professional photography and videography services which would normally have to be outsourced for on top of their hiring of a marketing team.

We couldn’t afford to employ a marketing team so found an all-round alternative in Nu Age Media. From photography and video to graphic design they provide us with a constant stream of refreshing content
— Paula Anderson, Owner
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One of the fist things we had to establish was a presence on social media through Facebook and Instagram. We then started to push regular content on both platforms including special offers, upcoming events, and professional photography including action shots of the chefs in the kitchen to highlight the fresh food and authenticity and of course the dishes available at the restaurant to get potential customers’ mouths watering.

Logo Design

Together we came up with the idea of having a simple, easy to read logo but one that stands out. By using a combination of a smooth flowing script font for the name “Regale” and a simple serif font for the sub-heading “Restaurant & Bar” we were able to capture a sleek and classy persona whilst also keeping it modern and contemporary.


The sleekness of the design allows us to use the logo wherever we want without changing it, whether it be on marketing materials such as flyers or in the corner of photographs the customer will always recognise the design and immediately associate it with the high quality food and relaxed atmosphere that Regale provides.

Web Design

One of the most important things we had to create when the business first started was an easily accesible website so that we had somewhere to send potential customers whenever we posted on social media.

We set up a very clean and simple website that is easy on the eye and straight forward to navigate. This was important as the restaurant’s customer base seemed to average over 45. We also didn’t want to have potential customers be put off by visiting the restaurant as they were unable to find or navigate the website easily.

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Improvements to SEO

Working on Regale’s website is currently an on-going process. We are working on improving the website’s keywords so that potential customers can find the page quicker on search engines.

When we first joined forces with Regale, the initial website they had created lacked the simple things such as a site title and description as well as good keywords that related to the restaurant and what they were offering. We have improved the website’s SEO score through producing engaging and relevant meta titles and meta descriptions, a clear site-map, and good page titles. This will continue to improve as we update the content and re-evaluate the target market.

A lot of businesses either underestimate or simply just aren’t aware of how valuable SEO actually is in gaining potential customers. Yes, content on the website is a huge part of attracting customers, however there’s no point in spending all that time creating engaging content when your customers can’t find you through a simple Google search.

Photography Services

Professional photography is vitally important in this digital generation because your media, including photo and video, represents your business and the services it offers. Nowadays potential customers want to see what a business is offering before it commits to buying and if the media they see on your website is low quality then thats the expectation they will have of your product or service.

Taking this into account we made sure to shoot a lot of professional photos of the food and any cocktails that Regale offer and posted the shots out across all social media platforms as well as onto the website. We wanted people to look at the website, see the sleekness of the logo and then look through the high quality images which would reflect the standard of food and drink within the restaurant. Keeping a consistent flow of high quality images being uploaded regularly implemented an aspect of trust and reliability which attracted potential diners.

In the past, the only people seeing the food I made would be the person eating it, but now with the regular photo shoots and social media updates a much wider audience is able to see me and my team’s abilities and what the food here at Regale is all about.
— Dave Anderson, Owner/Head Chef

If you wish to see some examples of photography we have done for Regale and other clients, hit the button below and have a browse!

Business Cards and Flyers

Whilst an online presence is important and it is now possible to target a specific area, there is no better way to get your new business’ name out there quickly than old school flyers through the doors. The location of the restaurant is perfect in the way that less than a 5 minute walk there is a huge housing estate. We quickly established that this location had to be utilised and we had to start by targeting these houses whilst still working on the website and creating content.

Flyer Mockup_1.png

We started by creating visually appealing A5 flyers which included a selection of our professional photos of food, drinks and the restaurant itself. We then made sure to include an appealing welcome offer to grab the customer’s attention and tempt them to trying out the food.

Business cards are a very good way of increasing the chance of a customer becoming a regular visitor. By giving a customer a card when they leave they have all your contact details literally in their pocket and if they enjoyed themselves it is very easy for them to take a few business cards to hand out to their friends and family. This then spreads your business name and brand in a small, visually appealing card that can fit inside a wallet or purse.


In general, the menus at Regale are quite limited due to the fact that every single ingredient is freshly prepared on the day of service. For this reason, it would not make sense to spend money on getting ultra-professional, high-end looking menus printed that are void if any quick changes are made. So, we opted to just have a clean and simple design that can be replicated across á la carte, lunch, and early evening menus and can be printed within the restaurant after changes are made.

For special occasions such as Christmas and Hogmanay, we decided to sit down and design menus that would be a bit more appealing than the normal menus and look much more professional whilst still keeping the clean, easy to read vibe.

Future Plans

The future for the partnership between Regale and Nu Age Media is very exciting. There has been a lot of work done on getting the business off the ground and improving the initial footfall into the restaurant, however it is vital to the success of the business that the standards of marketing and social media management are kept at a high level.


Moving forward, especially in the quieter months of January-April, we will push video production within the restaurant. Using short, engaging promotional videos to grab the viewers attention. We will produce videos showcasing the food, drink, and general day-to-day life in the restaurant to show authenticity. These videos will be exported for Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Instagram stories and full widescreen format for use on the website.

Ad Campaigns

This video content will be used to create facebook and instagram adverts which we will run to target a specific demographic. We will manage the progress of these ad campaigns to establish where we are most likely to improve footfall during these quieter months.


More photographic content will be uploaded to all social media accounts in order to remind customers of the quality of the food and will include some offers to entice them back through the door.

In general, the amount of content that will be uploaded during these months will be much heavier than normal due to the fall in customers over the festive period. This will even include interesting visuals with general information of menu changes or new dishes but will include the restaurant logo and colour scheme to engrave the image into the customer’s mind and try and make them want to come back.

Email Campaigns

Email nowadays is very important in marketing. Due to the complicated algorithms of social media channels it is not guaranteed that the customers you want to target will see the post you’re uploading or the offer you’re trying to give out. By creating an email newsletter on the restaurant’s website, we will be able to gather customers’ email addresses and send them specific information about the restaurant including special offers, new menus, new cocktails, or even any events coming up including Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day for example.

By making these emails visually impressive and regular, without becoming spammy, we will be able to target our customers who have previously enjoyed their visit to Regale and remind them of what they are missing out on. This is something Regale have not done up to this point but would benefit the business greatly during these slow months.

Visit Regale

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Regale and support them along their journey in business. If you would like to try the fresh, high quality food for yourself visit their website to browse their menus and find all contact details.