Rebecca May Soy Candles


- Photography & Content Creation -

Nu Age Media started working with Rebecca towards the end of 2018. We jumped at the opportunity to create a partnership with her due to how passionate she is about her business. She started making candles as a hobby on the side of her demanding full-time job as a lawyer, she had absolutely no idea how successful it would actually become. Now she has had a child, is back to working full time and the candle business is not showing any signs of slowing down.

She uses only soy wax in all of her candles due to the fact that it is an eco-friendly wax which has a longer burn life than the cheaper alternative paraffin wax. As well as a longer life the soy wax also gives a much stronger scent throw.

Rebecca came to us asking for professional photos of her candles, particularly the Christmas range, so that she could update her website and social media accounts in time for the festive season.

Christmas Range 2018

There were two main scents that Rebecca created specifically for Christmas; Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon, and Winter Spice. We had a lot of fun trying many different varieties of compositions with an array of festive props. Due to how early everyone starts to get ready for Christmas nowadays we had agreed to shoot both scents in a day and edit the following day, sending Rebecca the final edited shots the day after that. This ensured that potential buyers were able to view the products in plenty of time before Christmas. All edited shots were cropped for Instagram and Facebook. A few selected shots from both Christmas scents can be viewed below.

Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon

Winter Spice

If you are interested in viewing more examples of our photography please view our photography page on our website by hitting the button below!

Social Media Content

To push sales before Christmas we created some visually appealing instagram story posts that could be used as a means of reaching a wider audience as everyone may not see each individual post. This is also a good way to promote a product due to the fact that it is completely free and very easy to do. All we did was design some cool looking posts like the ones you can see below, sent them over to Rebecca and she popped them on her instagram story. We advised her on when best to post a particular story and gave her a few tips and tricks to reach an even wider audience who are interested in candles.


Marketing Materials

Due to the fact that Rebecca sets up a pop-up stall with her candles at many different events around the country, we decided to design her some options to use as flyers or posters that can be displayed and handed out to customers. These had to represent the theme of Rebecca May Soy Candles and include the professional photography as well as all contact information. We aimed to keep the main areas of content clear and obvious to grab the readers attention whilst not using up too much "white space” and crowding out the design. New customers always like to see good reviews, so by including testimonials from buyers gives the new potential customer a sense of trust and reliability about the product.